Exelity månadsrapport – februari 2024

Exelity Monthly Report – February 2024

After a strong 2023 with a net return of +27%, Exelity continues to outperform against most indices. Net returns (after fees) for February ended at +3.72%, with a strong contribution from...
Nordic Factoring Fund månadsrapport – januari 2024

Nordic Factoring Fund monthly report – January 2024

Nordic Factoring fund AB (publ) reports a NAV rate for January of 100.47. That's an increase of 0.47 %. In January, the fund distributed shares corresponding to the increase in value in 2023. The portfolio's...
Global Security Fund månadsrapport – januari 2024

Global Security Fund Monthly Report – January 2024

One of the fund's main sectors cyber security, has had a flying start for the year and has been a favorite for investors. Technology has gone strong and semiconductors continue to develop exceptionally well. As a direct consequence...
Exelity månadsrapport – januari 2024

Exelity Monthly Report – January 2024

After a strong 2023 with a net return of 27%, Exelity weathers the general stock market decline in January well, ending the first month of the year with a return after fees of 1.25%. Thus...