Exelity månadsrapport – december 2022

Exelity Monthly Report – December 2022

The net return for Exelity during the month of December amounted to -0.7 %, compared to -2.7% for the Stockholm Stock Exchange's broad index OMXSPI. However, the development was 0.0 % adjusted for the increase in value in Astor where our...
SCFI månadsrapport – december 2022

SCFI Monthly Report – December 2022

Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) reports a NAV rate for December of 104.83. That's an increase of 0.45 %. We end the year with a return level of 4.83 %...
Månadskommentar – november 2022

Monthly Commentary – November 2022

  Finserve Global Security Fund lost 3.0 % during October, mainly as a result of a weaker dollar, which lost about 4.5 percent against the Swedish krona during the period,...