We offer funds with a clear management profile in the credit and equity areas that provide very good diversification and risk-adjusted returns that should be included in all well-diversified portfolios.

The best at what we do

Since inception, our Private Debt structures have generated over 6% in annual annualized returns, this at a very low market risk and with essentially zero correlation to other asset classes.

These funds are awarded multiple times and we also have a collaboration with the European Investment Fund, which is a quality seal and a receipt that we work in the right way.

Since the beginning, our funds have had a very strict sustainability policy and the collaboration with the European Investment Fund means that we are continuously evaluated based on this very important aspect.

The global Institutional capital flows into this asset class underline its natural place in a well-diversified portfolio.

Through a unique collaboration with GP Bullhound, we also offer a number of leading funds within the equity segment.

In order to meet our customers' wishes and investment regulations, we also offer discretionary management.

Do not invest your entire capital with us - some claim to be the best at everything, we are not.

We feel safe in being able to say that we are "best-in-class" within our specific niches.

We know institutional management

Institutional management at Finserve means that, together with an appointed representative, we go over your specific needs and policies, risk appetite and return requirements. With their unique themes, investment profile and low co-variation with other asset classes, our funds have a place in all well-diversified institutional portfolios. Institutional customers are the core of our business and we have experience in collaborating with both Swedish and international customers in all segments in both public and private environments.

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