Thyra Hedge Fund

Thyra Hedge Fund is a concentrated equity-based long/short
UCITS fund with a global focus primarily in the technology sector.

Thyra Hedge Fund is a so-called UCITS hedge fund, managed by Finserve Nordic AB

Thyra Hedge aims, over time and with well-balanced risk-taking, to give unit owners a positive return on invested capital, regardless of market trends in general. The fund thus focuses on absolute return.

In order to generate absolute returns, the fund Thyra Hedge will work with long and short positions in global shares, i.e. a so-called long/short equity fund.

The market-neutral approach means that the element of market risk is limited in the fund, and its correlation with the general development of shares and other asset classes is therefore expected to be low over time.

The management model is based on fundamental analysis based on a thematic approach.

Thyra will normally consist of 20-30 share holdings and 5-10 shorted positions, this in addition to the management of market risk through the use of futures.