Tredje svensken någonsin i rymden – Spännande framtidsutsikter för rymdindustrin 2024

Third Swede ever in space – Exciting future prospects for the space industry in 2024

Exciting future prospects for the space industry in 2024
Last night, the Falcon 9 rocket lifted off with the Dragon space capsule and four astronauts. Among them was a radiantly happy Marcus Wandt to represent Sweden and Europe in space for two weeks.

Space is growing in importance and we see an exciting year ahead.

SpaceX's Starship: a leap forward
2024 is expected to bring even more tests of SpaceX's Starship, the most powerful launch vehicle ever built. Despite two mid-air explosions during the first tests, significant improvements have been made, demonstrating SpaceX's culture of rapid innovation. We look forward to the possibility of a full orbit next year.

Historic moon landings in sight
A record number of private companies, including Astrobotic, Intuitive Machines, Firefly Aerospace and ispace, plan to try to land on the moon. Success for any of these companies would be a historic first, breaking the monopoly of nations on moon landings.

Pioneering satellite operations
2024 will also show advanced advances in satellite operations. Keep an eye out for startups like True Anomaly and Atomos Space demonstrating cutting-edge technology in rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) and orbital transfers. Astroscale and Varda Space Industries are taking the technology further with in-orbit debris removal and space manufacturing missions.

Rocket tests: new players and veterans
In addition to SpaceX, the launch market is characterized by high activity. First launches of Blue Origin's New Glenn, Rocket Lab's Neutron and Sierra Space's Dream Chaser are among the highly anticipated premieres. Updates from Stoke Space, Relativity and the second flight test of the ABL Space Systems RS1 rocket are also expected.

The year ahead: innovation and milestones
Despite financial setbacks, the space industry's resilience and innovation signal an eventful 2024. As the sector moves beyond low-interest policies, the focus on venture-backed startups continues to drive spectacular advances in space technology and exploration.

Space is one of Finserve Global Security Fund's main themes and a megatrend going forward. The fund invests in companies that are profitable and important for development in space and our journey towards digitization.

The fund is off to a flying start, the year is up about 5 % at today's date.

We see that our main themes are very relevant for 2024 and beyond. Geopolitical unrest is singled out as one of the biggest risks for the stock markets in 2024 and it also affects the conditions in space. The Finserve Global Security Fund is completely unique in its focus.