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Nordic Factoring Fund monthly report – April 2024

Nordic Factoring Fund AB (publ) reports a NAV rate for April of 102.01, an increase of 0.54 % from the previous month. The fund's underlying return is in line with expectations and risk level. Expected…

Exelity Monthly Report – April 2024

Exelity closes the month of April +0.74% (after fees), and so far this year is +8.2%. Thus, the net return for the fund is +25% since the undersigned took over the trustee role in the fall of 2023, with no negative return months….

Meriti Neutral Monthly Report – April 2024

Meriti Neutral share class A rose during April by +0.91 percent and the fund has thus risen by +4.51 percent since the turn of the year. Since the start of the strategy pro forma on 30/06/2010, the fund has returned +189.7...

Meriti Ekorren Global Monthly Report – April 2024

Meriti Ekorren Global increased during April by +0.13 percent in value, and has thus risen by +14.72 percent since the turn of the year. Since the start, the management has returned +16.39 percent. April 2024 was…

Our funds

Nordic Factoring Fund

A unique AIF fund where, through an investment in the fund, you gain exposure to primarily the Nordic market for factoring loans

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Global Security Fund

A global equity fund that invests in listed companies within the defense and security industries

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A fund that combines investments in shares and what we call financial transactions

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Global Technology Fund

Invests in technology companies based on 4-5 major technology trends. Currently, the fund is exposed to gaming, IT security, cloud services and semiconductors.

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Being and Investments Active Value Fund

An actively managed fund that invests in 8-12 compelling objects, each over a period of three to five years. The fund invests in companies we understand, with predictable cash flows, but we also need to identify undervaluation and the opportunity to increase intrinsic value through strategic and operational change. We are always looking for companies with active owners, either by ourselves or together with others.

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Thyra Hedge Fund

Thyra Hedge Fund is a concentrated equity-based long/short UCITS fund with a global focus primarily in the technology sector.
The fund invests in between 20-30 companies and continuously strives for market neutrality by holding short positions in individual shares and using index futures to also protect the fund's assets.

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Permits and internal regulations

Fund and capital management is a licensed activity that is surrounded by many rules to ensure the highest possible protection for customers and to maintain confidence in the industry and Finserve. Finserve has a large number of different internal instructions and other documents that govern the business. Finserve updates these on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are up-to-date and appropriate, and publishes central documents that everyone can access. Finserve is under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Important information


Sustainability risks are an environmental, social, or corporate governance-related circumstance that could have a significant negative impact on the development and value of the investment. For us, therefore, a responsible investment, regardless of management profile, means that, in addition to financial returns, also takes into account the associated sustainability risks. Therefore, sustainability risks are integrated into all our funds' investment decision processes.