Global Esports Fund

Esports drives growth for technology companies worldwide.
It is a trend that is expected to strengthen in the coming years.

Why invest in esports?

The esports sector is showing exponential growth. Turnover increases by 20 percent per year and is expected to turn over a staggering 1.7 billion dollars.

Established game developers get new sources of income via the growing esports sector without having to make major investments. Peripheral services such as advertising and rights for TV and streaming are expected to grow strongly.

Technology companies have proven resilient during the downturn in the stock market that occurred in the wake of the corona pandemic. Rather, the esports sector sees an increased interest and physical events can easily be made digital.


Where can I buy Finserve Global Esports Fund?

As a private individual, you can trade Finserve Global Esports Fund with our partners.

Latest news for the fund

  • Global Esports Fund Monthly Report – December 2022
    Strong titles drive hardware demand, mobile still under pressure - November numbers in the US showed that total gaming spending was still down slightly (3%) compared to 2021. However, we saw a strong hardware performance in the month of November (45% increase compared to a year ago to USD 1.3 billion) primarily due to a significant increase…
  • July 2022 Monthly Update
    Travel is back and consumer demand here is strong. Airbnb, Booking and Expedia all reported fairly solid demand for the quarter and both Airbnb and Booking tracking above 2019 levels. While after two extraordinary years it is difficult to identify yet another new normal growth rate. With this, gaming has continued to be affected by post-covid effects as…
  • June 2022 Monthly Update
    Very tactical trading the last two weeks due to 1H rebalancing of indices and manager portfolios. However, the underlying concerns are the same but now liquidity and company sustainability have been added. Raising money has now really become a problem even in the public markets. So companies that depend on access to liquidity…
  • May 2022 Monthly Update
    Volatility in the market has continued during the month and the US market has at one point fallen for 8 weeks in a row. We haven't seen this since 1932, even so, it seems the tech really got some confidence back after the Salesforce results. Salesforce numbers were good, comments from management about customer intentions to continue investing…
  • April 2022 Monthly Update
    The good news is that technology continues to deliver strong results in the first quarter and that the market is becoming more forgiving of weakness. The main focus of the market is still on macro even though the reporting season is now in full swing. The Elon Musk and Twitter saga continues, now according to the NY Post, Thomas Bravo may join him in the bid…

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