Fund hotel

Managing funds today imposes high regulatory requirements and entails significant costs
for those who want to build a management organization from scratch.

Using Finserve's fund hotel offers an opportunity to manage UCITS and AIF funds via Finserve and its licensed operations

Through this solution, the manager gets access to a stable platform for risk control, regulatory compliance and auditing. A proven and cost-effective solution for those who want to start a fund company or move their management from an existing structure.

Start of new a fund

Many talented managers want to start their own fund, but realize the complexity of all the regulatory and organizational requirements. Finserve can manage the entire process of setting up new funds, both foreign-based and Swedish, UCITS funds or AIF funds. Agreements are already in place with Swedish and foreign players, which means shorter time to market and competitive prices. Finserve ensures a smooth and cost-effective process and involves the client to the extent required and desired by the client.

You manage yourself

Management of funds and discretionary portfolios takes place under Finserve's permission. The partner appoints a manager who is employed by Finserve and manages the portfolio(s) or funds covered by the collaboration.

FinServe manages

For parties who want a complete solution, Finserve can, in addition to administration and setting up of funds or portfolios, offer portfolio management.

Transfer of existing administration to own administration

For those who currently have an existing fund and manage it from their own fund or securities company, Finserve can offer that the management takes place via Finserve instead. This means that the fundmanagement is transferred from the own company to Finserve. Depending on the existing arrangement, such a transfer is normally a relatively smooth process. When the transfer to Finserve is complete, the fund or securities company's license can be revoked. Finserve can also offer office space on Riddargatan in Stockholm.

Transfer of existing management to FinServe's management

A complete and cost-effective solution for those who currently have a fund or securities company and want to move the management to Finserve and assign Finserve to take care of the management. In such a solution, the person who "owns" the fund does not need to pay managers, nor does he have to keep companies or premises. The solution thus becomes very efficient and cost-effective. Control over the management is ensured via clear mandate specifications and, if desired, also through the formation of an investment committee in which the person who "owns" funds appoints representatives who, together with Finserve's managers, meet regularly to provide input to the management.


A basic idea with Finserve is to create the conditions for talented people to collaborate, including with regard to distribution. Finserve has several distribution agreements and developed channels. Finserve also has its own sales representatives who represent all funds managed under Finserve.